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audio pro b3 ace bass säljes

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Someone just bought my Audio pro Stereo One system WITHOUT the subwoofer! What they say about this line: "A system With classic Lines and the best possible sound. Stereo one is a piece of carefully crafted Workmanship; each unit is assembled by one person, from beginning to end. The aluminium knobs are hand-turned, and the front panel is hand-milled. Handcrafted. Two channels. Radio. CD player. Nothing else. Nothing else but pure enjoyment." I have only the bass speaker. Works with any system. Read about it here: http:// WWW.audiopro.com/sites/ Audiopro.com/files/ Expired_product_folders_/ACE. BASS3_%20IM_%20Eng.pdf 1800kr
Liten snygg silverfärgad subwoofer. Audio Pro B3 Ace bass.