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Beautiful ex working dog from the arctic needs a new home further south. NUUDLES (2007): ''I am super cute but have doggy asthma, no medication needed if living indoors.'' Beautiful Nuudels has been a good lead dog, and is the mother of one litter of pups still working in the Finnish arctic. Shes reserved but friendly with humans: she knows she is gorgeous, so she will simply lie down and let you come to her for a pat. She gets a bad chest sometimes on the coldest days, so she has been spending some time inside this winter and would enjoy a lazy retirement by the fire. She has been inseparable with her sister Nuupu who is living with her new family in Stockholm. They were both placed on emergency rescue when the kennel owner said they needed to be replaced. She has a husky coat which will need brushing during her malt-period. She has a few scars and lumps from her time as a working dog and one of her ears is a little chewed from the frost which only adds to her character. The fist thing people see is her cute mousy face smiling to greet you with a little tail wag that melts the heart. All thought she is an Alaskan husky, she is not 'crazy' or 'hyperactive' as most people think. She is quiet and cuddly but will be happy to pull her new owner with a harness on a bicycle or skis. Especially if she has some company! She has never lived apart from her sister so preferably she will go to a home where she has another friendly dog as company. Normally when a working dog is re-homed they begin to show more and more signs of 'doggyness' as their natural pack behavior is being discovered and restored through love and training. This is the biggest gift the dog can give you to show she is happy. Normally in Scandinavia when a working sled dog has reached the point of not making the owner any money, they find themselves chained up for a sad few remaining years or they are, quite simply, shot in the snow. We hate this practice as so many of the dogs who have given so much to humans in their life can usually live happily as a humble house pet or an active sport and running companion. Many have adopted a wonderful husky who are loving and well behaved. Many other dogs suitable for coming south to your sofa are still in the arctic about to face a difficult winter season. If you wish to know about others dogs available from the farms please contact me and we will discuss any questions, thoughts or worries you might have. -Price discussed for perfect home Rescues is the best breed!