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Komplett set med Pneumatiska domkrafter för fast montering på bil. Det som ingår är 4st domkrafter med tillhörande fästen, alla tryckluftskopplingar och en nyckel för montering. Svensktillverkade av mycket hög kvalitét Lite info ang domkrafterna. Kolvdiametern är 80mm Rörets ytterdiameter är 88mm, Den totala ytterdiametern är 100mm, Slaglängden är 230mm O den totala längden (i hemma position) är 340mm. Lyftkraften är 1560kg vid 8bar
Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Premium Brembo Pack Reg. COK163 Manual , Black , Silver Racing Stripes . Accessory Package Original Mustang HID Xenon Headlights , Hood Scoop , Rear Pedestal Spoiler and Side Scoops Brembo Brake Package Front 14" Brembo vented rotors with Brembo 4-piston calipers Unique Electronic Stability Control (ESC) tuning Aggressive Suspension Tuning 19" dark stainless painted aluminum wheels with Pirelli Zero Rosso P255/40R19 Summer Only Tires Optional 3.73 Final Gear Ratio Microsoft SYNC System Communications-Onboard Hands Free Telephone-Hands-Free Wireless Connection Audio-Upgrade Sound System CD Player, Audio-Satellite Radio, Mp3 Sound System, Additional Power Outlets , Audio Input Jack , USB Input . Mustang optional MyColor System Mustang Premier Trim with Color Accent Package Charcoal Black Leather interior with Cashmere Accented seats Door trim with bright Pony badge Dark aluminum instrument panel Active Anti-Theft System Tire-Pressure Monitoring System. Air Conditioning Tilt Steering Wheel Steering Wheel Stereo Controls, Cruise Control. Mirror-Electrochromic In-Side Rearview Comfort Package 6-Way Power Pasanger Seat Heated Front Seats
1 par vita Air med innesko. strl. 4Pris:400:- 1 par vita Fox strl. 39,5 Pris: 400:- 1 par Fly gissar på strl. 30-32 Pris: 350:- 1 par Alphinestar strl. 28 Pris: 350:- Axo Protector jacket Barn strl.S Pris: 250:- Ufo Bröst/axelskydd strl. 75-90 Pris: 250:- Penguin MX Bröst/axelskydd Pris: 100:- Ufo Armbåge o knäskydd Sv. Pris: 125:- Ufo Knäskydd Blå Pris: 75:- Ryggskydd 2st vita MX Pris:50:-/st Tröjor Sinsalo Blå ca:14 år Pris: 150:- Oneal Racing Blå strl. S Pris: 250:- Alphinestar Röd ca: 14 år Pris: 200:- Alphinestar Röd ca: 10 år Pris: 100:- Fly Grå/svart ca: 8 år Pris: 150:- Alphinestar Byxor Blå strl. 28 Pris: 400:- Hjälm MDS strl. S Pris: 250:-
Hej säljer nu mina gamla playstation konsoller som ligger och skräpar för en billig peng. Ett styck Playstation 2 slim med 12 spel, 2 handkontroller och 1 minneskort. Spelen är: GTA Vice City stories Rayman M Rollercoaster Tycoon World Sagan om konungens återkomst GTA III Eragon Jack and Dexter Medal of Honor Starwars Battlefront Starwars Battlefront 2 SSX Splinter cell 700:- Säljer även ett playstation 1 med 1 handkontroll, 1 minneskort och 6 spel. Spelen är: Coolboarders Crash bandicot 3 CTR racing Rainbow six Harry Potter Air combat 350:- Maila eller ring för mer info allt är orginal.
Turbo Methanol 53 Corvette best ET 6.87 @ 328 km/h but massive more potential - just need more time than we have to get it at the track! 53 Corvette, new in 2008, 1254kg incl. liquids, driver, massive extra weight - 115” wheelbase with 1” offset at the front, SFI 25.1 Chassis, fiberglass body - 2x 16V Turbostart batteries with Charger - American Racing SFI 15.3 double beadlocks 16” rear wheels and front wheels (all black) - Stroud double chutes, air launcher - Air system for chutes, trans and Boost controller - carbon wheel tubs - Strange Ultra all aluminium 4-link rear axles, 40 splines lightweight axles - Ultra case third member, 3.89 9.5” gear (new in 2012), driveshaft rear loop - Strange Ultra front struts - Strange double adjustable shocks - Pro Mod wheelie bar - Tim McAmis fuel cell - 20 lbs fire system - Mark Williams Pro CM driveshaft - Hoosier 33”x16”x17” new in 2011 BBC Turbo Methanol Engine 468ci or 526ci setup 40 runs on the engine, if not specified otherwise below for specific parts, parts new in 2011 have 12 runs, new in 2012 have 3 runs - New Century Alu Block, solid no water jackets - Pro Filer Hitman 12º heads, Victory1 titan valves 2.400”/1.880”, intake valves new in 2012, exhaust valves new in 2011, 450lbs springs new in 2012, “round” titan locks (new spare parts: 4x intake valve,4x exhaust valve, 4x springs) - T&D Rockers (for each type of rocker at least 1 new as spare parts) - Jesel lifters, new in 2012 (8 used lifters as spares) - Coated CP alu pistons, new in 2012, 2 new as spares - Brooks rods, solid TF type, Hemi bearing size - Mike Moran cam, 50mm bearings, new 2012 - Bryant cranks, Hemi rod bearings, Hemi flywheel bolt pattern, no damages still original bearing sizes - RCD front drive setup including front offset drive and distributor replacement for Mag44 setup - MSD 10plus ignition with MSD distributor - Waterman Little Berta 17.1gpm fuel pump, new in 2011 - 2 Weldon fuel regulators - Wet oil setup with Titan oil pump - 16 Moran billet fuel injectors 8x 500lbs, new 2010, serviced yearly by Mike Moran, 8x 256lbs new in 2012, (1 new of each type as spare) - 116mm Billet turbo new in 2011, up to 44psi boost, custom made for this engine, 106mm Turbonetics ball bearing turbo as spare, complete new rotating assembly - Turbonetics Godzilla wastegate and pop-off - Exhaust black coated, new coated in 2012, 8x Racepak EGTs, Turbo backpressure sensor - Mike Moran billet fuel filter - System 1 billet oil filter - BigStuff BS3 injection system, latest updates by Bigstuff in 2012, 16 injectors, NTK WB02 for Methanol, extended data logger (DAI & DAE), newest traction control (SR2), 2-Step, Vnet connector - Racepak sportsman recorder, new 2010, 8 EGTs, Clutch, Driveshaft, Fuel pressure, Turbo Boost, Turbo back pressure, oil pressure - AMS1000 Boost controller with air bottle (German system) Liberty extreme 5 speed, single air button shifter, automated shifter included (not mounted), air bottle, pressure regulator Browell Aluminium bellhousing, SFI new 2012, Liberty and Lenco pattern, BBC, Racepak clutch sensor Crower, 10.7” 2 discs, all titan, new grinded by Mats, discs with floater as spare, Hemi crank pattern Some videos are @ facebook Linde Bros Dragracing site (link below) May split the car, contact me for further details,options and prizes