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Har en Age Trac från Agergård till salu. Renoveringsobjekt men fungerande med defekter. (Oljeläckage, rost, spräckt framruta mm) motorn är luftkyld (vw bubbla) hydralstyrd typ orbitrol. Hydraltipp på flak. Bakhjulsdriven med snökedjor. Hydraldriven snöplog. Sandspridare (funktion okänd). Båttank (nödlösning) Dragkrok Ingen skönhet (men kan bli) Perfekt för dig som vill slippa skotta snö nästa vinter. Den finns i Huddinge (södra Stockholm) Måste tas på boogiekärra (vet inte vikten) Prutat och klart! BYTES EJ //Micke
One world. 1997. 323 s. Häftad. 340 gram. Mycket gott skick. This unique anthology of Buddhist scriptures traces the development of Buddhism through the ages and around the world. Designed to serve scholars and students, this classic text has also become a valuable resource for Buddhists and all those who wish to explore for themselves the original sources of one of the world's great religions. Accessible and jargon-free, these translations from the original Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese are presented in plain English by four leading experts on the language and literature of Buddhism, while a glossary of foreign terms completes a thoroughly comprehensive and timeless introduction to the subject..
Hamlyn 1977 Inbunden Contents: Birth of the Railway, Age and Railway rivalry in Britain , Franche Gathers momentum, Railways Unite Germany, The Mobilization of Italy, Tracs Across America etc. ( Järväg ) Ca 125 sidor, i stort format, rikt illustrerad, got
Joh. Fr. Bärede, Eisenach 1835. VIII+430+1 pp. 8:o, contemporary half leather with gold-decorated spine. Ex-libris and signature inside front board. Corners slightly worn. Traces of worm holes at outer hinges. Binding tight, interiors clean. Nice condition considering the age. VG+ condition. German, Latin hylla: 845
Princeton University Press. First Edition uppl. 1984. 350 s. Inbunden. 22,0x14,7cm. Nära nyskick. Skyddsomslag finns i nära nyskick. This highly original interpretation of the novel of the French Classical age explores military strategy as a central metaphor in Rousseau?s Julie and Emile, Laclos?s Les Liaisons dangereuses, and Sade?s Les 120 Journees de Sodome. Joan DeJean argues that, insofar as these influential works are devoted to the circumscription of territory and the creation of a perfectly defended form, they are faithful to the project for order, containment, and control mapped out by Vauban, Louis XIV?s Commissioner of Fortifications. In 1678, the year of publication of the first modem French novel La Princesse de Cleves, Vauban declared that France had attained its perfect shape. From that time to the fall U of the Bastille, French novelists pursued aims similar to those of the man who made France, for a time, into an impregnable fortress. Professor Dejean?s provocative thesis suggests that masterpieces of Classical art as diverse as Versailles and Sade?s billing were built of the same stone. Exploring a sphere in which military, political, and literary history intersect, her book traces the influence of actual and archetypal geographies on literary spaces. Joan DeJean is Associate Professor of French at Princeton University and author of Libertine Strategies: Freedom and the Novel in Seventeenth-Century France (Ohio).